Many Estate Properties suffer from Deferred Maintenance

Sadly, many estate properties suffer from deferred maintenance. Should the estate attempt required repairs and necessary upgrades if they wish to sell the property for top dollar? Inexperience frequently leads to delays, expensive results and poor workmanship. At Teles Properties, we come equipped with reliable home professionals that are ready to help and take the guess work and anxiety out of the equation by making the estate home presentable and ready to SELL.

We can help make the property presentable to retail buyers and thus, move the estate closer to final settlement.

The deceased’s home can potentially require repairs and upgrades to be sold in a competitive market. Moreover, banks are generally unwilling to lend on properties requiring more than cosmetic repairs. Consequently, it is very difficult for would-be home buyers to obtain the financing they need to purchase your probate property.
Me and my team at Teles Properties can oversee the work and upkeep necessary to command the highest possible sales price for the estate home. This level of service is especially welcomed by Personal Representatives that live far away from the probate property.

As experts in probate and inheritance sales, we have professionals on standby that can offer a range of services:

check52 Clean up and haul away
check52 Locksmiths
check52 Landscapers
check52 Painters
check52 Electricians
check52 Eviction services, board up and squatter removal
check52 Plumbers
check52 Pool Services
check52 Appraisers
check52 Estate sales/auctioneers
check52 Other competent professionals as needed

Andrea Shink, CPRES

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