Purchase Trust or Probate Estate Properties

Real Estate Investors always look to buy property that will allow them to earn a profit. They are quickly learning that trust, probate, and other inherited properties provide opportunities to find real estate at wholesale pricing below market value.

For those willing to rehab a property, these types of properties can offer savings that give investors enough financial room to rehabilitate a property, which helps improve neighborhoods.

Many real estate professionals are not trained or qualified to assist in the sale of these types of properties. There are many steps and specialized processes that an agent must learn to sell this type of property. When a real estate agent is learning these steps along the way, it might possibly lead to mistakes.

Experienced trust and probate real estate specialists like Andrea Shink and her team at Trust Probate Realtor already have experience handling trust and probate real estate transactions, which can help ensure a smooth transaction.

Investors Looking to Buy Property

For many property investors, the search for a good real estate deal requires lots of manpower and effort.  Searching for inherited property owners can be a particularly cumbersome process.

At TrustProbateRealtor.com, our business is to find trust and probate properties owners. We help inherited property owners by identifying their goals for these properties.

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For trust and probate real estate owners who wish to sell their trust or probate real estate, we connect them with investors who wish to buy property in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

We help bring our clients together with investors to:

    • Solve needs
    • Rehab neighborhoods and
    • Reduce the stress of

families who were not prepared for owning inherited property.


If you are an investor looking to purchase trust and probate real estate, give us a call. We can help you quickly

    • Find an inherited property for sale
    • Guide you through the sales transaction
    • Make the whole process smooth and comfortable for both parties in the transaction.

Call us today!

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