If you are thinking of selling the estate home, you need to know you and your family have options.

Our goal, first and foremost, is to educate you so that you can make an informed decision. If you decide to list or sell the property, you can focus on other tasks and reduce stress by knowing the real estate transactions and other services are handled by professionals that are experts in probate, trust and inherited property sales.

Along with my team from Teles Properties, I will implement a comprehensive marketing plan, exposing the estate property to all markets through the use of various media, thus ensuring the quick sale of the property for the highest possible price. This option would be exercised when the property requires little or no repairs.

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One of our investors will buy the property, as is, for a mutually agreed upon purchase price, and eliminate all closing and repair costs. will The estate will pay nothing. This may be the best option when the estate home requires major repairs and the heirs are interested in a rapid liquidation of the estate.

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Managing the details of a probate, trust or inherited estate is complicated enough. Why add the sale of real estate to your already daunting list of responsibilities? Our local, experienced team provides guidance to expedite the process and liquidate any and all real estate in the most dignified and compassionate manner.

We can minimize the complications of maintaining the real estate and can also assist with preparing the property for sale.

Our fiduciary duty is to get the highest dollar amount for the estate property. This probably means at least cleaning the property, if not updating it or renovating it, depending on its condition. We can reduce your stress as the Personal Representative by taking the steps that will increase the value of the estate home with our concierge of reliable vendors.

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